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Blazing a trail: Sheza Firecracker aims for picket fence win

In a blazing display of pure equine brilliance, Sheza Firecracker once again emerged victorious at the Sunshine Coast Turf Club, igniting the track with her unstoppable determination. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament not only to the mare’s extraordinary talent but also to the unwavering dedication of Liam and the entire team behind her. Their meticulous care and strategic finesse have propelled Sheza Firecracker to new heights, establishing her as a true credit to their expertise.

Rare is the horse has claimed a record as impressive as Sheza Firecracker’s—2 wins and 2 placings achieved through an awe-inspiring sequence of 4 consecutive back-to-back runs. This mare’s ability to not only maintain her performance but to thrive under such demanding circumstances showcases her exceptional resilience and unyielding determination.

As her thunderous hooves echo triumphantly, it’s clear that Sheza Firecracker’s journey is far from over. With “Crackers” as the staff like to call her, drawing a generous barrier 5 on Saturday at Eagle Farm, she looks in the race up to her ears. Bailey Wheeler who accompanied her last start will take the ride and also take 3kg off her back which means she only has to carry 53.5kg!

Good Luck to the owners Staghurst Farm and everyone involved !